Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh cum on now....

Quick, somebody call Al Gonzales. Obviously the US Patent office has been infiltrated by nefarious secret agents with pornographic intent - certainly a serious challenge to Al's war on porn.

In rejecting an application, the Patent office sent some very interesting documents in support of their denial. Fark grabbed it from the Smoking Gun who has the attachments, but they're blurred out. The unedited attachments are here. Warning - definitely not safe for work.

[hat tip Jules Siegel]

In a slightly related story, one blogger takes content whoring to a new level. He tests the TSA to see if they'll let him a board a plane with a buzzing vibrator down his pants. Apparently, if you're a white middle aged guy with a bald spot, they will.

[hat tip Kvatch]


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