Sunday, September 17, 2006

End of an era

I feel really guilty. I received this announcement a couple of days ago and spaced out on blogging about it. Carnival of the Vanities just turned four years old with edition #208 the other day. Longest running carnival on the internets. A remarkable feat in Blogtopia. In blog years that's sort of like a centennial and an occassion worth noting.

Unfortunately, it looks like I wasn't the only space case. I see here, that due to the lack of response, they've decided to shut the Carnival down. All good things must end I suppose and maybe Blogtopia got too big, or that the carnival got too many entries and hosting became a nightmare rather than a fun way to get some extra hits on eyes on your blog.

On the bright side, my own COTV post at #106 is probably now a classic. It's certainly interesting to see which of the entries went on to become top ranked bloggers.


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