Thursday, September 28, 2006

DA resigns but not charged in pot bust

Justice is so relative.
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Ella Boone Conley has resigned a month after undercover detectives seized a large number of marijuana plants from a home she shared with her husband, Prosecutor Jack Banas said Wednesday.

Banas said that before Conley's resignation Tuesday, she had been on administrative leave since Aug. 25, pending the results of the investigation. No one has been arrested, and no charges have been filed in the case, Banas said. He would not say whether Conley is a target of the probe.[...]

Conley's attorney, Joe Green, said Wednesday that his client had no knowledge of the plants found in what he described as a "secretive part" of the residence. He said Conley and her husband, Max Conley, had a rocky relationship and that she had only been living at the couple's home in Portage des Sioux part time.

Right. How big a house do they live in? She wouldn't have noticed certain parts of the house were warmer or you know smelled anything funny? Marijauana grows usually reek. But she'll get off with just losing her job. If she just some ordinary wife or girlfriend, you can be sure she would be looking at jail time for conspiracy at least.

It's so unjust and so irritating but it does underline a point I often make. Chances are someone you know and would never expect, smokes pot.


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