Monday, September 25, 2006


John and I took a lovely walk last evening into this little enclave. It was an interesting little rabbit's warren of dead end roads with lovely homes. It appears to be a Friend's community of some kind although the passersby didn't look all that Quakerish to me. But maybe in the south, even Quakers drive muscle cars and motorcyles.

There wasn't much to photograph outside of the old sign, although I was quite excited to see flora that looked familiar. It almost felt like strolling through the New England woods, except for the half dozen dogs that felt compelled to follow us down the road growling threateningly, lest we stray onto their territory.

And for today's creepy creature pix, I have a new spiderweb. This came from the yard and not from the walk but I've never seen like it before. I thought at first that somehow a stray fishing line had got caught up in the shrubbery the anchor was so thick but it was definitely a web.

I cut the spider out of the shot, out of deference to Lisa who, with her busy schedule, needs her sleep. I don't want her to have nightmares again tonight.


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