Friday, September 22, 2006

So strange...

I'm so spaced out today. I got plenty of sleep in terms of hours but the alarm went off while I was dreaming so I didn't resolve my subconscious plot. It always throws me off all day when that happens.

I can't remember much of it. I was dreaming about my friend Victoria. We were on a train that we had boarded because it had a free buffet in the dining car. We were drinking cocktails and talking and I wondered why Roy wasn't there. Then the train was crashing. Someone was coming through the door. I couldn't see who it was. I had an hors dourve in my hand and I was crumbling to the floor when the alarm went off.

Meanwhile, adding to the surreal aspect of the day, when I got home there was something weird about the place. It took me a half an hour of pacing around and looking out the window to figure out what was agitating me. Somebody came today and took away both my piles of debris to be burned and all the big branches from my yard.

This is the craziest place I've ever rented. It was kind of like when they took the dead tree down. I never know who does these things. They don't leave a note and my landlord never calls me. For all I know that scratching I heard the other night was a zombie who lives under the house and he did it.

I suppose I could call my landlord and ask, but I haven't spoken to him in so long, I lost his number and I can't quite remember his name since I pay the rent to a holding company. I'd have to dig my lease out to find it. On the bright side, the yard looks great, so I guess I'll just enjoy it.


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