Friday, September 22, 2006

May I have a blogroll please

There's another new blog joining the battle for drug policy reform. Actually, it's not that new, it's been around since April but I just discovered it. Jon Katz of Marks & Katz, a Virginia/DC based law firm appears to be the main blogger. As you would expect he's blogging from a criminal defense point of view and looking around at his website it appears he's rather a hot property on the talking head circuit in the media. If you watch TV more than I do, you've probably seen him on one of the major stations.

In any event, the blog is great, so click over and check out the Underdog Blog. You're likely to learn something you didn't know. I even love the name and I added it to the blogroll under Drug Policy Reform.

And speaking of additions, I just got around to listing DRCNet's new blog - Speakeasy in the same category. If you haven't checked it out yet, click over and join in the conversation. For myself, I'm hoping that having the link handy will remind me to leave a post or two of my own, since they so kindly provided me with a reader's blog over there.

You know, if only George Soros would give me a personal grant to promote reform, I would be able to post more. This working for a living really takes up a lot of time..... Oh well, in the interim I'm looking at a week off starting tomorrow so I'm hoping to do some serious posting all over the Blogdom.


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