Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weekly Tarot

I did another electronic reading last night. I don't often think about money, it's never been that important to me. I'm not an acquistive person. And after I was robbed of everything of value I owned, I decided not to own anything valuable anymore. But I had money on my mind. I guess because I've been talking to Dana about her money problems.

As I told her, I've lived a very uneven life. I've been so broke I couldn't afford food and I've had so much cash that I had to safety pin my pockets to keep the money from falling out. I've stayed in palaces and slept on the street. Loved them both. But I got used to having enough money to pay off my bills every month and still have enough left to travel and put money in the bank. When I gave up my job to do that which I can't speak about, I gave up that comfort level too.

Suddenly I find myself myself in need of another source of income and I'm thinking I spew out 3,000 words a day, virtually for free, on the internets. Maybe I should be spending some of that time trying to freelance some work for money instead. So I asked the oracle to tell me what I needed to know about that and this is what I threw.

I have to tell you I was really glad to see The Tower in the receding influence space. Funny how often I throw that card. Like I said, I have a very uneven life... [damn, there's that ellipse again]


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