Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blog rolling...

I've been sick for the last two days. I don't know if its an impending cold or just allergies but I'm really cranky. So while I go look for something to bitch about, say hello to The Windy Pundit. He blogs out of Chicago and he does a lot of politics but he has a really interesting series of posts up right now about his recent jury duty stint.

I'm almost jealous. I always wanted to sit on a jury. Eighteen years in the law firm and I was called to the jury pool only three times. Twice I was dismissed because the trials all settled. But once I made all the into the jury box. I was just sitting there feeling pretty good about it, when the DA walked in. He recognized me and preempted me the first chance he got. Meaning he can reject a juror without having a reason three times in the process and he was cashing in one of those on me.

I guess I could see his point. I was a member of the best defense team in town and the defense lawyer was a friend of the firm, although I didn't know him. But I still think he should have left me on. I had been in the biz for so long at that point that I was completely jaded. I would have been the most impartial juror he ever had.

Anyway Mark gives a detailed of the proceedings in case you ever wondered what it's like to be seated and I'm adding him to the blogroll under policy reform even though he has a wider focus on his blog because when he does reform issues, he does it well.

Meanwhile I've rearranged the blogroll a little tonight. I moved a bunch of blogs around that were in the wrong place for one reason or another and just about dismantled often checked to make the blogroll easier to use.


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