Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All on a sunny afternoon

John has been a big help with my fitness program. I'm forced to go out and walk because I ask him to go with me. Then I can't wimp out. It was a lovely one today.

We walked down the road and it's a charming street with virtually no traffic and a couple of farms on it. One of them had a few rickety sheds with a bunch of old farm equipment scattered artfully around the grounds. I love this stuff myself.

I know the thing in the background is a disc harvester but does anybody have a clue what this red thing is? John inspected it thoroughly and reports it doesn't appear to be a pump since there's no place to attach hoses.

This I feel certain is a hay rake but I'm betting it's been a long time since it raked any hay.

Anyway, it was another hour's walk at an easy pace. Second time this week and I'm already feeling stronger. I could do the inclines without huffing today which is a distinct improvement on last week. Next I need to work on the speed.


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