Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Drug busts up at the border

Border agents in Texas have been seizing record breaking amounts of hard drugs this year. And under the heading, how to turn a meth hill into a mountain, the biggest rise has been in Mexican meth. As we predicted, outlawing cold pills and busting up small time home labs not only didn't solve the problem but made it worse.

The states all jumped on the DEA's meth panic bandwagon and the practical effect is you now practically need a lawyer to buy a package of cold medicine and you're in more danger from foreign organized crime cartels who are bringing in a product that is much more pure and addictive than the stuff the home labs were turning out. Not to mention this syndicates seek to make new customers in order to increase their profits, while the small labs were making it only for themselves and their few junkie friends. And the new dealers don't give credit, so the newly addicted need money for their fix and your local property crimes will increase. And of course the money won't be circulating here anymore, the profits will go south with the dealers.

This is why we need to legalize all drugs. If we legalize it, we can regulate it and control the market instead of letting it control us.


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