Monday, July 17, 2006

Knotty problem

This is outrageous. Don Knotts' hometown of Morgantown, WVA won't be getting a statute of Barney Fife apparently because his widow objects to his depiction as the bumbling deputy he was most famous for portraying. She wants his statute to be more dignified.

Mt. Airy, NC, the town used as a model for Mayberry won't be getting a statute of Barney Fife either, although they already have one of Andy Taylor and Opie. Apparently no one complained about those. As if Andy Griffith and Ron Howard didn't do more important work as well? And geez, they were just as goofy on the show. And how about Jackie Gleason? NYC put up a statue of Ralph Cramden and he certainly played greater characters. You don't see anyone in his family complaining about dignity.

I appreciate the widow wants her departed husband to be shown respect, but let's face it, Knotts entire career was based on playing bumbling idiots and Barney Fife was his most beloved and revered character that became a huge part of the Americana of the day. I think she should consider it an honor, not an insult.

Meanwhile, the poor guy who commissioned the statue is left holding a half finished and homeless art piece. He's willing to give it to anyone who can talk the widow into allowing it to be displayed.


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