Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Odd lots

I was looking for a link to a story I keep hearing about on the radio. They claim a million dollar lottery winner in Austria was arrested for growing and/or dealing cannabis. I couldn't find it but I did notice a couple of other odd items of interest.

University of California at Santa Barbara held their 2nd annual joint rolling competition. Time was when I could have been a contender in that contest but it sounds like they're way out of my league nowadays.

A man in Guyana was fined $30,000, (or 6 months in jail) for one gram of marijuana. I'd have more sympathy for the guy but he was also busted for larceny. I hate thieves.

Rugby players who test positive for cannabis use will now be named on a world anti-drugs Internet "shame file". Shame on the NRL for backing down on their former policy of leaving pot smokers alone on the basis that the herb is not a "performance enhancing" drug.

This can't be right. Some researchers in Holland claim chronic marijuana use leads to aggressive behavior in teenagers. As if all those raging hormones couldn't be responsible. Sorry folks but decades of in the field observation suggests to me that marijuana mellows aggressive behavior. Some teens are simply more hellacious than others. Imagine what these kids would be like if they didn't smoke pot.

Steve Kubby was in court yesterday, with his attorney who asked that Steve be allowed to take natural cannabis while incarcerated. The Marinol is apparently not working to keep his cancer at bay. Kubby reports he is currently suffering headaches, nausea and has blood in his urine. This is such a disgusting waste of taxpayer money. Is the State of California really ready to allow this man to die over one peyote button and a single stalk of a mushroom? Bad enough to incarcerate for it in the first place but there's no reason for this cruelty when they have case law allowing them to give Kubby the natural herb that is keeping him alive.


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