Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I worked today and I pinched a nerve or something and put my shoulder out and I have to watch the State of the Union in a few minutes so I'm taking the night off from the drug war, although I urge everyone to send a healing thought to Steve Kubby who is suffering some ill treatment in the Placer County Jail.

For tonight, a few more balloon dreams. This is a picture of my dear friend Jim's balloon. I've flown this one as well. It's a Brian Boland special. Brian about invented the sport in New England and he makes balloons. You can get a deal on a balloon this ugly. It's made of leftover fabric from other orders. But she flew well and Jim gave her that beautiful name - Felicity.

He said to me, don't you think that sums up ballooning? The sport has changed a lot since then, but at the time I had to agree. Meanwhile Brian, who can't be described in a single sentence, is still in the business of bringing ballooning to the masses. He's got a new kit that's so light and portable, it will fit in a car.

Maybe I'll go up to Vermont this summer and have a look at it.


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