Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kids at crime scenes

I guess it's good that the police are trying to learn how to deal with kids during drug busts. In this case, they were practicing meth lab busts - using federal tax dollars by the way - and they weren't handling it that well.
"We're too close right now," Paul Hale informed his fellow EMTs as they stood a few feet away from the children. "We're dead if they're contaminated."
The kids are being "handled" by cops in hazmat suits. The "victims" were 6 and 13 years old. The older one was in handcuffs because she struggled at the scene. She sums up the experience well.
"That scared the crap out of me," Cox said. "I was all excited until I heard them coming upstairs. Just think how real kids feel when that happens, though."
Really. And in a legal regulated market, it would be unneccessary.

[hat tip JackL]


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