Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

I'm off for a couple of hours to help pass out candy at the family homestead since I'm unlikely to get any trick or treaters here. Have a great holiday. I expect to back later.

Update: If cuteness was fatal, I would be dead. I arrived the homestead and the tyke was decked out in a Tigger costume, and was dancing in the kitchen to the new toy - Leap Frog singing magnetic letters. The whole business sticks to the fridge and there's this box that holds one letter. If you press on the letter, it talks about the sound, but there's another button that plays the alphabet song. He kept pressing the song and danced up a storm and then waited for the applause. And he's got rythum. His mom hates when I say this, but I swear he's going to be a performer of some kind.

There were lots of trick or treaters and they were mostly little so it was an early rush. Mom and Dad took the tyke out to a few houses in the hood so he could experience the excitement and I stayed in and passed out candy. The kids in their little costumes were just darling.

I got back in time to get one group at home as well. They were a little weird. The kids were sweet but the designated father figure, also carried his own bucket. I of course didn't have any candy here, but fortunately had a baggie full of quarters. I gave them all fifty cents. The tiniest one looked a little confused by that. I felt bad I didn't have something more colorful to give him.

It wasn't like being on Prospect with the girls. They had the best neighborhood for trick or treaters I've ever seen, but it was a good Halloween. I had fun.


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