Saturday, October 29, 2005

DEA appoints a new leader to head New England office

Well how about that. The DEA is an equal opportunity employer.
New England's Newest Weapon In The War On Drugs Is June Stansbury, The Only African-American Woman To Head Up A DEA Field Division.

...A native of Detroit, Stansbury planned to be a social worker but switched her college major to criminal justice to avoid a thorny economics class.
I guess that would explain this remark.
What frustrates her is the continued demand for illegal drugs. "No matter how many we arrest," she says, "if people continue to make the decision to use drugs, other dealers will continue to fill the void."
Yes June, they will because they can make so much freaking money by dealing in the black market. Maybe she should have taken that economics class anyway. And they wonder why they can't make prohibition work. Unbelievable.

[hat tip to JackL]


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