Friday, October 28, 2005

I believe in oracles

India's astrologers say much of the natural turmoil going on around earth right now is a result of Mars sitting in the house of Aires for six months instead of the usual 45 days. I kind of like the explanation myself. I've always loved a planetary answer for the chaos in my life.

Now I don't know a conjunction from an oppostion, much less understand the charts, but I had a co-worker once who was really good at it. I would say, "Mariah, I hate my life. It sucks." And she would tell me it was because it's Mercury retrograde and I had these planets in bad houses. Then she would tell me when it was going to change and get better. She was often right.

Hey, it's as much a science as "Intelligent" Design. The astrologers should be litigating to get their hypothesis into the textbooks. If they're serious about teaching the children all sides of the debate, the IDers should be writing amicus briefs to include the astrologers.


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