Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Christian fundies infiltrate Canadian media

Don't watch this video if your outrage tolerance is low today. It's infuriating. I didn't make it all the way through myself.

It was aired on some Christian program in Canada, featuring the parents of the unfortunately slain RCMP officers who died in a shootout last year.
I commiserate with the families and understand their grief but they're clearly still stuck in the anger stage of grieving and it's clouded their judgment. They allowed themselves to be used as dupes for the Canadian version of the DEA. The dad of one of the cops could have been reading from a script written by John Walter's staff.

It seems to me he does his son a disservice by spouting already debunked lies about this incident in order to push an agenda for prohibitionists. His son's unfortunate death probably was a result of an inept justice system that allowed a known violent offender to be free on the streets, but it had nothing to do with marijuana laws or grow-ops and pushing enhanced penalities for that as a solution to crime will only make the problem worse. Seems a rather odd memorial to a man who gave his life to protect justice.

[hat tip to Tim Meehan]


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