Sunday, October 23, 2005

Day trippin'

The zoo was fabulous. It was a perfect fall day and it's a really nice zoo. It's sort of half botanical garden and the habitats were really pleasant. And it's big. We didn't see it all today but we got in a huge chunk and all the animals were hanging out close to the viewing areas. Big hit for the tyke was the elk who was just incredible. I've never seen a rack of antlers that big in my life. The gorilla came in a close second but I just felt kind of sad for the ape myself. He looked so bored but he woke up and interacted with us to the tyke's delight.

For myself, I was really excited by the rhino, I don't believe I've seen one that close before and the giraffes who for a moment I thought, might trot right up to the fence. The pair of lions on the way out was very cool as well.

It was Boo at the Zoo day and a lot of kids were dressed up, not to mention a few parents. We didn't dress the tyke although we brought the costume. He wasn't that into it and seemed unsurprised to see so many people dressed in odd clothing. I guess that might be because he hangs out with me so much.

Me, I loved all the little girls in their fairytale Princess outfits but my favorite was the family who came dressed up. The father and the young son dressed identically as some kind of knight and the mother and the two daughters were identically dressed as the Princess character in Alladin. The high point of the entertainment however, had to be the kid's karoke. A lot of parents and grandparents were singing as well and they were all doing nursery ryhmes and Disney songs. Winner hands down were the Japanese tourists accompanying their five year old on the Alphabet song.

Meanwhile, we walked miles today and I'm so out of shape I'm feeling it, so drug war news will have to wait one more day. The good news is I just discovered that I have the next three days off so we can rest up and catch up tomorrow.


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