Monday, October 17, 2005

Sometimes I miss my front stoop

In Noho I always kept of box of chalk on the front porch so passers by could use the sidewalk to leave a message on what became the community chalkboard. This was always one of my favorites, done on a hot summer's day by my neighbor Nicolai. He was a really good gardener too.

I'm still dragging around with what has to be the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had but I've moved into cheese sandwiches with a bare scraping of mayo and mac and cheese for sustenance, so I'm finally on the mend. The weather is finally turning as well.

I turned my heat on yesterday for the first time. I like the system here. In Noho, the first day always made the house smell like it was burning down with all the dust in the floor registers, but here they're on the wall and it was fine. I almost like the heat season because it dries out the dampness in this house. I'm sure I'm going to hate the bill though. I'd rather pay more to be warm than shiver to save fifty bucks. I can't complain though. My summer bills were under $10.00 a month and the winter is short here.

The birds are still visiting the window well regularly. I've decided the newest pair are black crested tufted titmice. Today there was a bigger one on the wire with its tuft up. Otherwise the crows have been the main avian entertainment. They've been throwing raucous parties out there. I keep having visions of Heckyl and Jeckyl cartoons.

Meanwhile, I still have ants but thanks to all who answered my plea for help, on and off-line. I decided to take everyone's advice - although I'm holding KS's suggestion in abeyance in case the remedies don't work. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the borax yet. I made a special trip out yesterday to get it but my grocery doesn't carry it. I hope it's not one of those common household items that became illegal because you can make meth out of it. They didn't have boric acid either, but I'm hoping the pharmacy still carries it. I'll try at least pouring that around inside the house tomorrow.

Finally the tyke's new passion is Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm kind of getting to like Thomas myself. He sort of reminds me of the Little Engine that Could and he's got a catchy theme song.


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