Thursday, October 13, 2005

And the point is.... what?

I'm off for an 11th hour call to do some tyke duty so I'll be gone for the afternoon but here's a story I forgot to link to earlier that Radley just picked up from the regular press.
An Army veteran who fled to Canada to avoid prosecution for growing marijuana to treat his chronic pain was yanked from a hospital by Canadian authorities, driven to the border with a catheter still attached, and turned over to U.S. officials, his lawyer says.
It even quotes our own Richard Cowan of Media Awareness Project.
Richard Cowan, a friend who runs the Web site, said in a telephone interview from Canada that he was with Tuck at the hospital when Canadian authorities arrested him.

"I would not believe it unless I had seen it," Cowan said. "They sent people in to arrest him while he was on a gurney. They took him out of the hospital in handcuffs, put him in an SUV, and drove him to the border."
Of course we knew the feds were lying when they said this wouldn't happen as a result of the Raich decision. Why would they stop arresting sick people now that SCOTUS gave them a license to do so? So easy to find them in their hospital beds and so good for those "crime" statistics.

I'm sure America will sleep better tonight knowing this marijuana smoking man is in a jail cell instead of hospital bed.


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