Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A little linkfest

I didn't get around to the daily reads in a while because of my work schedule but Pete at Drug War Rant is doing the heavy lifting as usual. As always it's a scroller, from an excellent editorial in the Providence newspaper on the HEA atrocity to Pete's astute analysis on Gonzales v. Oregon, the assisted death case that John Roberts heard as his first proceeding as Chief Justice of SCOTUS.

Of special interest is this post on marijuana and driving done in France that offers more proof "cannabis poses a much lesser risk of fatal accidents than alcohol."

Meanwhile, Nikos at D'Alliance has more on Gonzales v. Oregon and advises that Drug Policy Alliance had submitted an amicus brief in the case. You can trust DPA to be on the forefront of personal liberties every time.

Finally, Terry and Loretta Nall are having an equally scrollable week. Don't miss Loretta's latest updates on her campaign for governor.


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