Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blast from the past

I found the Detroitblog by accident recently and found I really like it. This blogger started out photographing old buildings in Detroit but the blog evolved into a kind iconoclastic journey through Motown. He describes it as being, "about my wanderings and debaucheries in Detroit, as well as observations, news, commentary and ramblings about the city itself. I love Detroit, even the old Detroit of blight, waste and emptiness. Hockeytown. Motown. I grew up here, had my best times here. It’s my town."

The current feature is "a scan of a full-color brochure from the dying days of the Fort Shelby Hotel on Lafayette, printed in 1974 and found in a moldy pile in one of the hotel’s backrooms a couple years ago."

Maybe it was just me, but it made this old hippie laugh even though his commentary is a little snarky. That's just his style. Enjoy.


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