Saturday, October 08, 2005

Do you really have to hurt him?

This is too sad. The one hit wonder, Boy George, was arrested in Manhattan for falsely reporting a burglary and possession of a small amount of cocaine. I find the details in the WaPo a little suspicious though.
Boy George called police early on Friday to report a burglary. But when police arrived a little after 3 a.m. the officers found the door open and were greeted by the singer who asked them, "What's up?"

Police spokesman Det. Eric Crisafi said Boy George then staggered about his apartment apparently in "a drugged stupor" and police found a small amount of cocaine next to his computer.
Cocaine consumers do not go into stupors. They get agitated maybe, but they don't stumble around. It sounds more like he was drunk and did a line or two to sober up. I'm thinking he may not even have called the police himself. Someone could have been pissed off at him and done it.

In any event, he's in a world of trouble now. NY laws are still some of the most draconian on the books. One can only hope the press gives his new career some buzz so he can make enough money for the legal fees.


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