Thursday, October 06, 2005

No where to run to

The official count is well over a million displaced people in Colombia, but human rights advocates estimate due to underreporting, the true number is probably closer to 2 million. The government line is they are being displaced by the continuing civil war in the country between paramilitary and military groups. It would appear the real reason can be pretty directly tied to the war on some drugs and plants.
Most of the displaced people are small landowners, and after they have fled, the areas are developed or used for illegal cultivation, according to the indigenous community activist.

"Many families have also been displaced by fumigation, because if their fields are spayed, the ground is destroyed by pesticides for a long time and cultivation is impossible. They have to leave. This motive for displacement is not recognised by the Colombian government," she added.

Barreto said that in many cases, the Colombian Army had threatened farmers' families, ordering them to leave their land and accusing them of aiding the leftist guerillas.

"They steal our territory, kill our people, and we are displaced," Colombian Congressman Ventura Diaz said in a recent statement urging the U.N. to take action against land grabs.
Millions of US tax dollars are being used to perpetrate this virtual genocide under the guise of the war on some drugs, obstensibly for military aid in fumigation. It's been noted however that much of the activity happens to occur around oil pipelines. Draw your own conclusions on that.

All I can say is if they were serious about stopping the flow of cocaine into the US, they would be spending their time finding the coca paste labs instead of bombing poverty striken farmers.


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