Thursday, October 06, 2005

Delayed post - Little things

Blogger was down for maintenence - again - last night so I'm just posting this now.

Second day in the rotation and I'm burned out kids. That's the trouble in having a lot of days off at once. I'm a night owl by nature so at the end of five to seven days off, my sleep patterns revert to late night hours and late morning wake up. Then I have to readjust to a predawn schedule. Since I can't fall asleep for the first couple of nights, I end up having to get sleep deprived to make it work. On the third night I sleep a lot, so just a quick run down of the latest wild life.

The geese are flying south in droves and in huge flocks. The tyke and I saw a splendid group the other afternoon. A couple of days ago we saw three hawks circling low over the neighborhood. It's funny I haven't seen the hawks all summer but they're back with the cooler weather.

Back here at HQ there's been a couple of chickadees that have visiting the window well to steal the spider's stash of bugs. They're very cute and quite bold. I don't know if they can see me or not but they often look in the window. Meanwhile the crows have been out of control. There's only about six of them I think, but they're incredibly racous. It appears the neighbor two doors down feeds them. They hang in the trees almost every morning. A few days ago a huge hawk joined them. The pack almost chased him away but he didn't leave until I came out of the porch to get a closer look.

Tonight's excitement was a visit by a little boy scout selling some horrible looking flavoreed popcorn. Of course you have to buy some although it looks like something I wouldn't think of eating. The prices topped at $40. I of course went for the bottom line $8 selection. As I filled out the form, incredibly, I saw that some of my neighbors had ordered $60 worth of the stuff. I found it somewhat surprising. It's a good neighborhood but it's somewhat modest with a lot of elderly people.

Maybe it was the uniform. He looked to be about 10 or 12 and he was a very polite kid. More likely, in a town this small, they knew him personally.


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