Sunday, October 02, 2005

Canadian's complaint keeps Emery case in Canada

This is interesting. Marc Emery has been charged by a private citizen making a drug complaint against him, but it isn't Patrick Roberts after all.
David McCann, a Vancouver philanthropist and businessman, quoted in the Globe and Mail, explained: "If he gets charged in Canada that will have major legal consequences for that extradition request," He added he has hired prominent lawyer Peter Leask in filing three charges of conspiracy under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.

Canada has been hypocritical in allowing Mr. Emery to sell marijuana seeds, says Mr. McCann, and collecting thousands of dollars in taxes from him, and in the City of Vancouver giving him a business licence for his pot paraphernalia store.

"We have let him operate and now we let the Americans walk into our country and charge a man who they will probably lock away for the rest of his natural life in the United States for doing something that the government of Canada condoned. And you know, I got a problem with that as a Canadian."
I have a problem with that as an American as well. Here's hoping this little legal maneuver will keep Marc out of the DEA's clutches.

[hat tip Mycos]


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