Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekly reader

I'm too far behind to catch up on all the news but fortunately my fellow policy reform bloggers have been keeping up. In case you're not reading them often, (and you should be) these are "start at the top and keep scrolling" links of the week:

Read: Drug WarRant. Don't miss: his exchange with Senator Dick Durbin, a great story on Howard Wooldridge and the Philly crackdown on dangerous paraphernalia like this.
Detectives took shot glasses, dishes, bowls, Frisbees, CDs, magnets, sneakers, headbands, stationery, lighters, pins, bracelets, key chains, cookie cutters and dozens of other "marijuana" merchandise from the Oxford Valley store. The pieces to one chess set were various sized marijuana leaves.
Read: D'Alliance. Don't miss: when drug czars fight - each other, Afghani minister quits over opium policy, and Rick Santorum's drug policy reform for dummies.

Speaking of Afghanistan, if you lost the link, Phil Smith of DRC Net is still blogging live from Kabul. It looks that beard is finally gaining some traction.

Read: Grits for Breakfast. Don't miss: how the juvenile justice system fails young people, probation kiosks and criminalizing hooky.

And last but certainly not least Loretta Nall has formally announced her candidacy for governor. Lucky to be living in Alabama this election season. Makes it easy to cast a vote when you have a such a great candidate.

Don't miss: Judge sentenced to jail, guards chargedfor beating inmate and too much pot, call the cops.


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