Thursday, September 29, 2005

Marijuana as asthma medicine

It sounds almost counter-intuitive but here's some evidence that vaporized marijuana is an effective treatment for asthma.
The news of marijuana as an asthma treatment is not new news, even though it is not usually mentioned alongside the others. It actually dates back to at least the early 1920s.

...A group in Hungary did research based on Taskin's research of the mid 1970s. The research team established a link between marijuana and asthma. This discovery could help develop new treatments in respiratory illnesses, says the group. Research indicates that cannabis is a bronchodilator (it opens up breathing passages).

"...the mixture of cannabinoids and essential oils in herbal cannabis has net anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant effects that are helpful," said Dr. Ethan Russo.
Much more research needs to be done before this could become an accepted remedy, nonetheless the research is promising and with new dangers being revealed, related to the use of currently available inhalants, it's long overdue.


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