Thursday, September 29, 2005


Alert readers may have noticed I've been working on the template lately. I have this new system for adding links and I'm resolved to add a few at least once a week until I catch up with all the ones I've been meaning to get on the blogroll. Which of course means I'll be doing this for years since I keep finding new ones as well.

They're mostly in the Lean to the Left section, although you may note I got Dr. Tom's MMJ blog into the drug reform blogs and added a few to the other sections as well. Since many don't do drug reform, I may eventually move the whole politics section over to The Impolitic, but for now I encourage you to check them out anyway.

A lot of good writing going on there and I noticed as I was adding them in, that a lot of them are women bloggers. I didn't plan that but it goes to show, despite the myths, that women can so blog politics and do.


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