Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ants --- Arrrrrrrrgh!

When I first moved into this house, I had an ant problem. I put out traps and sprayed, figuring it was just a residual problem from the last tenants and they eventually disappeared. I haven't seen one all summer. Now that the weather is turning colder and since it started raining, all of sudden they've reappeared.

It drives me crazy. There is nothing for them to eat here. I don't even cook. In spite of my avowal to start cooking my own food again, after I seriously burned my hand on the oven (and you can still the scar) I went back to living on frozen Lean Cuisine dinners, sandwiches and the occassional can of soup. I never unpacked my kitchen stuff and still only have one plate in my cupboard, so I wash my dishes immediately after eating.

So why do the stupid little insects keep coming back? I hate spraying again. I don't like living with poison in my kitchen. I read somewhere that you can spray your counters with 151 proof vodka and it will kill anything. That I could live with. Anyone know if that's true?


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