Saturday, October 15, 2005

Prohibition kills

Radley Balko has the latest on the case of the kid in Florida who was killed for allegedly possessing two ounces of marijuana. As the investigation unfolds, it turns out he actually had less than an ounce of herb and whether he ever pointed his registered handgun at the SWAT team at all. Considering his body was found in a closet with ten bullet holes in it, suggests he may have just freaked out when a bunch of armed masked men burst into his home.

Radley asks some timely questions. Like, Why does Sunrise, Florida have its own SWAT team? Why was a SWAT team deployed to serve a marijuana search warrant on someone with no history of violence, and no real criminal record? Did cops knock and announce themselves before entering? Did they give Diotaiuto a chance to answer the door before tearing the door down, as required by law?

Check out his post for the troublesome answers.


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