Monday, October 24, 2005

Souter gone mad on meth

Mark Souter's dunderheaded meth epidemic bill has now reached committee in the House. It would mandate 5 and 10 year sentences for possession of what would be a weekend's worth of meth for an addict. It's important to nip this one in the bud and DRC Net has the easy click and send letter.

I already sent mine but I modified it significantly this time because I want it to stand out of the astroturf. Let Price know I'm really paying attention. You don't need to edit of course but feel free to use mine if you like.
H.R. 3889 -- "The Methamphetamine Epidemic Elimination Act" -- is an irresponsible and ineffective bill that should not see the light of day in Congress. The ridiculously small amounts of the drug that would trigger 5 and 10 year sentences is in effect a strategy to jail addicts.

Neither society nor fiscal prudence is served by this proposal. The costs of prosecution and subsequent incarceration would far exceed the cost of expanded treatment programs and rehabilitative services. Do we want to spend our increasingly limited tax dollars on punishment policies that do not solve the problem and remove potential tax contributing citizens from the mainstream of society?

I think not and I urge to reject such an ill-advised policy and any other similarly short-sighted and fiscally irresponsible proposals in the future.
The main thing is to send the letter, even if you don't edit. It makes a difference.


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