Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Denver votes to legalize pot

You gotta love this headline. Denver pot issue passes by thin margin. What a joke. It passed 54 percent to 46 percent. This are the same newspapers that declared Bush a landslide winner with 2% of the vote. Which by the way turns out to be stolen votes, but I'll be taking that up on the poliblogs.

As the mayor - who was vehemently against the measure - points out, it doesn't affect state law but the will of the good citizens of Denver is clear. They don't want their cops spending their time busting plant consumers. If they don't get arrested, the state law doesn't really matter.

And here's a delicious bit of gossip from an anonymous source. The mayor claimed to be against the measure because marijuana is "a gateway drug." Word has it that in his college days, hizzoner was known to imbibe in the herb and he grew up to be mayor of the Mile High City. You could get a stomach ache from irony that rich.


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