Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Autumn in the south

Another day down. This week is going to be brutal because we're getting ready to go on vacation and there's extra shifts at the top. The good news is I counted it up today and there's only 14 shifts this month. Not to mention I'm likely to get another couple of bonus days off between the two schedules. I'll be hanging onto that thought as I crawl through the next couple of days.

I'm not going anywhere this time. I've already had two trips this year and I need to pay down the credit card, not run it up higher, although I may try to get out to see my Pop for a couple of days. It's so stupid that I live three hours away and don't get out there more. That was half the point of moving here.

Anyway, the weather has turned gorgeous and the bugs are down after the cold snap so it's pleasant to be outside again. Even better, I'm happy to report we get colors here for the fall. When I was in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago, it was all yellows but we get reds and oranges as well, at least around these parts. It's not as good as New England of course but it's still cheery. Better yet, they're predicting high 70s for the weekend. You can't hate that.


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