Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Change for the worse

It took me a while to realize I have a new faucet in the kitchen. It was such a long day I forgot I called the landlord this morning - again. My old one broke last night, or more accurately was broken when I got home. It wasn't bad, it was just dripping. You couldn't shut it completely off. It was a beauty, an old Moen - I'd estimate from the 50s, with a sliding lever control. It was missing some screen thingy so it sprayed you if you turned the handle too far up, but I just treated it gently and it was fine the day before. I think the plumbers broke it when they fixed the screen thing but it could have been saved. I think it just needed a new nut or something.

Anyway, the cheezy new fixture is a sad and startling replacement. It's rather horrible. It's a two fixture deal and the handles are these sort of fat pointy plastic crystal deals and the spout is lower. It sort of looks like it should be in a bathroom. Even worse, the hot water handle is not set on tight enough and you have to turn it really hard to keep it from dripping. Glad I'm not paying these plumbers.


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