Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Politics of Pot

Loretta Nall got a boost today from Thomas Knapp, someone I've never heard of, but probably should get to know. He has an excellent post up on the DEA, Marc Emery and Loretta's run for the governor's office of Alabama.

I'm embarassed I hadn't thought of the connection myself, but then, knowing nothing about Alabama politics, I didn't realize what a wrench her candidacy could throw in the works there. I assumed they were just trying to shut down the US Marijuana Party.

They're pissed that the movement is making such progress and they can't hurt the big bucks guys that fund the DC organizations so they went after the weakest link - Marc Emery - who's a small fry pauper compared to those guys. Which is not to minimize what Marc has done for the reform movement. Few have done more. The other guys gave more money but Marc gave his heart and soul. A lot of people don't like his style but he lived his activism on a daily basis.

Anyway, read Knapp's post. He also connects the dots between the ONDCP and election rigging and has a link to a action center where you can do something about it. And of course, if you haven't sent Loretta a few bucks and you're able to - here's the address.


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