Thursday, August 04, 2005

Live from lovely downtown Noho

Written at the Balti airport earlier today.

Well my computer claims that I'm connected to the wireless network of some kind but I can't seem to get anywhere with it on the internet. I suspect that somehow I connected to the guy with the computer open across the lobby here. Maybe he can get on the internet but I'm getting nowhere but here. Guess live blogging from the airport is out. In any event nothing interesting has happened except the flight was so full I had to take a middle seat and the guy on the aisle reeked of old booze. Something I didn't notice of course until after I had already sat down.

It was a bit much for first thing in the morning. For the first time in my flying life, I thought I might hurl when I we took off. The kid on the other side of me was sweet though. New grad on his way to a wedding in CT. It appears we will be on the same flight again. Hopefully the stinky guy won't sit next to me again. I'm on the A list so at least I'll be able to get a seat on the aisle this time.

I'm starting to get excited about going "back home" now that I'm beginning to gain consciousness levels. That's what I love about flying. I woke up in NC and in a couple of more hours I'll be spending the afternoon in Noho. I can't wait to see my friends. It's been a long time since I've had a good "girl talk."

Meanwhile this flight is looking rather empty so far. It's 20 minutes to boarding time and there's hardly a line. Of course there are several waiting areas so maybe they're spread out. It would be too fab to get a whole three seater to myself.

And now live from Noho.

The stinky guy was not on the flight thank God but the flight was more full than it appeared and I didn't get a three seater. However the divinity student and I shared a space and no one sat in the middle so it was at least a little more comfortable. The kid turned out to be very sweet and here's something you don't hear everyday. He was going to this wedding, it turns out he was in the wedding party by the way, without his girlfriend because her parents didn't want them to be "tempted" by being alone together without adult supervision. He is 22 years and his girlfriend will be turning 21 within a month. Maybe I just lived in Noho for too long but I found this not only surprising but a little shocking as well. Not that the parents felt that way but these kids went along with it.

Of course this kid wants to devote his life to missionary work in Indonesia. It occurred to me later that he is probably a product of the sort of religious extremists that want to teach creationism instead of science in schools. Funny though, he was a very nice kid and not at all pushy about his faith. If this is the sort of man that the extremist parents produce, perhaps there's hope to find consensus yet. I have to say I was most impressed by his manners.

Anyway, I'm out of time for the moment. I forgot to bring my mouse with me and it's taking four times as long to manipulate the text without it and I'm already about to late to meet friends, so I'm signing off for the moment. I will be back in the morning with more news.


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