Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DEA Statement on Emery

The press release is not only a gag-producing piece of self-congratulatory trash but also contains one glaring error - or as we call it around here, a whopping lie.
EMERY has served time in Canada for illegally selling marijuana seeds. United States authorities want to stop the flow of seeds to grow operations.
Emery has never served time for selling seeds. He was arrested once, about ten years ago, for seeds but was not jailed. Times changed in the interim. Let us repeat again, that he in fact operated this seed business completely in the open for years with his government's knowledge and implicit consent.

We knew when the DEA opened an office in Vancouver a couple of years ago, they were up to something. I can't think of anything less important to have spent 18 months, hundreds of thousands of man hours and milllions of US tax dollars on, than the extradition of a seed seller. This has nothing to do with seeds and everything to do with Marc's political activities.

Meanwhile, agents working for a government that has trashed every environmental protection on the books and looks to destroy the last remaining wilderness in Alaska in order to exploit it for oil, have the nerve to attempt to justify this folly by claiming Marc's seeds are responsible for "significant environmental damage."

And while they're launching this intensive multi-agency, multinational effort to rid the world of a single seed seller, the meth problem is still growing. No wonder they can't win the war on drugs. They keep going after plants.

[hat tip to Tim Meehan]


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