Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Drug war runs amok again

A follow up on this story that Pete reported on the drug war victim in Florida.

It turns out this 23 year old kid was effectively murdered by the police over two ounces of pot. What the hell the police were thinking in sending in a freaking SWAT team for such a small time bust anyway? They allege they made a controlled buy from the kid so they knew he had pot. It appears he had no other drugs and if he only had a couple of ounces, what could he have possibly sold to the narc? A quarter of ounce maybe? It appears this is a case of some young guy, as we used to say in the 60s, selling just enough to cover his head stash.

The cops knew he had a permit for a gun and he was a student and he had two jobs. There were many less expensive and less confrontational ways to arrest him than having a SWAT team break down his door. Furthermore, the neighbors say they heard the door being broken down but no one in this quiet suburban neighborhood heard the word police being used in conjunction with the break in. For all this kid knew, he was being robbed. The police can't state that he ever aimed a gun at them yet he was shot ten times, in his head, chest, torso and limbs.

His friends and family are outraged of course and grieve the loss of what appears to have been fine young man who otherwise led an exemplary life.
Friends and family say Diotaiuto worked two jobs, went to church regularly, and was dedicated to giving himself and his mother, Marlene Whittier, a better life.

Possession of two ounces of marijuana is a felony in Florida but it should not have become a death sentence.

[hat tip to Phil Smith]


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