Monday, August 08, 2005

Quick Links

There's just too much in the inbox to blog about everything so I'm just going to link to a few items that you may or may not have missed.

Update on the Ecstasy therapy for Parkinsons with some additional information. I didn't make the connection the first time that this is a study being done in my new home territory at Duke University.

Russian researchers are pushing for the legalization of LSD-25 for use as a medicine.

An editorial cartoon on the Marc Emery case. Media Awareness Project also has a huge collection of editorials and LTEs, most of which express alarm and disgust at the US interference in Canadian justice.

Marc Emery calls for civility in the reform community and asks activists to treat the US flag with respect. He urges protesters to hang it upside down as a distress symbol if they like, but not to burn it.

Globe and Mail has an interesting article on Marc with some little known facts about his history and the effect of the bust on his wife. It's funny you never hear about her. I forgot he was married.

Simon Pole has ongoing commentary on the case and includes a Marc Emery Resource Kit.

Another good interview with Marc.


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