Friday, August 05, 2005

No place like Noho

Well, I had a lovely time visiting with friends last night although I stayed out much too late and I'm moving rather slowly this morning. It didn't help the previous occupant of this room apparently was an early riser. The alarm went off at 5:00am and it took three tries to figure how to shut the stupid thing off. It seems to have three different snooze buttons but the shut off is hidden way in the back.

I caught up with Ron and Irma and Louise at Tully O'Reillys and it was great to see them and several friends from that scene. Frank was DJing and I even danced with him for a minute.

Louise and Irma look great. Louise still looks 10 years younger than me, instead of the one year that she really is and Irma is on a health kick and has never looked better. I'm sorry I didn't manage to get a camera before I left.

It was fun but exhausting. Tonight I think I'll just have an early dinner with Karen and Annie and call it a night. I'm off in the morning a little road trip to the country and I'm relatively certain there won't be computer access, so I may disappear until Sunday night.

Meanwhile, my car was upgraded again and it appears it's a really hot model. I don't know what it even is, it just looks like a station wagon to me, but people were stopping on the sidewalk and practically screaming how they wanted that car. Personally I think it's pretty badly engineered. It has a terrible blind spot and it's so long that the rear view mirror doesn't really give that wide a view. You also can't really see the speedometer because the steering wheel is in the way.

However, It's very comfortable, I'll say that much for it. White leather seats with really good support. It feels like you're driving from a barcolounger. I'm glad I made the rental agency give me that one instead of the SUV they were trying to pawn off on me.


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