Monday, August 30, 2010

Major scare

Yikes. Home from work after less than an hour. It was so weird. I actually felt pretty good when I got there. Even better they didn't have a register for me yet so I got sent on returns for the first time. That's a great gig I've been wanting to do for a while. Because it's more fun than just standing at the cash register and to help me learn where everything is in the store.

I was merrily making the rounds, cruising through the toy department when I got hit by the biggest heart flutter I've have in at least five years. I mean it was massive. I thought I was going to pass out. Then my heart starting racing and it was pounding so hard I thought it was going to bust right out of my chest. And there was all kinds of arythmia.

I managed to calm down and hang onto the carriage, excuse me the buggy, and finish the returns. Found a home for everything, much to my delight. But the pounding arythmia didn't stop. I splashed some cold water on my face and took an aspirin. I was pale and dizzy.

Went and sat down for a few minutes and it just didn't get better. I finally told them I had to go home. I was freaking all the way, wondering if my heart was going to explode while I driving and I would kill someone. But made it home. Barely made up the stairs. Almost blacked out three times before I managed to take a BP pill and a tranq and lie down.

The dizziness subsided when I laid down but the pounding lasted at least an hour. Of course I took my pulse and my heartrate was an erratic 130. Terrifying. I was so scared I called my sister to ask her to call me in couple more hours to make sure I didn't die and no one would know.

No idea why this happened. I get this once in a while, but usually it's pretty mild and passes quickly. This was so huge. Maybe it was related to the sinus thing, though I haven't really taken anything but aspirin and saline sprays for it. But I'm better now, so maybe it will be another five years before it happens again. In any event, probably go to bed early even though I slept for ten hours last night.

Pray for me

This virus is still fighting hard but I feel like my immune is starting to win a little. Still feel like crap though and still hacking. Leaving in a little while for a 6 hour shift. Hope it doesn't kill me.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fever dreams

This was so meta. I've such a brutal schedule this week and I've been feeling so crummy. Had the early shift today and actually felt sort of okay until I got home. Found myself dozing off in front of the computer and my temperature was up to 100.3 again, so I decided to take an aspirin and a little nap. Set the alarm for 6:00.

I ended up dreaming that I was napping and when the alarm sounded, I couldn't turn it off. I was literally breaking the alarm apart with my bare hands trying to cut the power.

While I was busy busting it up, my old co-worker showed up. She didn't care about the alarm, but she wanted to warn me that Liz, whoever that might be, didn't have my best interests at heart and I should talk to her about it. I had all these pieces of the alarm clock in my hand and I was trying to get downstairs to smash it on the sidewalk, to make it stop. There was a woman with a golden retreiver on the stairs. I couldn't get down. She had her back to me and didn't talk, just stood there.

Then the neighbor's door opened and it was my old neighbor Jamie from Northampton. There were a bunch of people leaving his apartment. He started helping me collect all the pieces of the alarm clock but didn't seem to care it was still going off. He told me I should listen to Liz's radio show. They were going to do it live from her apartment. He said, "You know, stuff like, Jamie's here and holding the chihuahua." I told him I would. The alarm is still going off the whole time. Nobody but me thinks this is a problem.

Then the woman on stairs finally left but I woke up for real. It was 6:06. In real life, I could turn it off of course. But my real neighbors must love me if they could hear it.

Tough week

I've been dying here folks. Schedule has been brutal at work. For some reason they decided to start giving me more hours just when I got sick. I just haven't had the energy to blog here. I've been coming home and collapsing. Sleeping as much as I can, in between hacking up gunk.

Off to work again this morning, but I'll try to post a bit more either today or tomorrow. For the meantime, the one thing I can't get used to down here is that people call the shopping carts, buggies. And they call the wheelchair thingy we have there a cart.

Also, we have the most pathetic equipment in the history of retail. Half the registers are broken at any given time. Computer guy in all day fixing them earlier in the week. Think he fixed one and now three others that were working, aren't. There's only one that works consistently. I hardly ever get that one though. Also weird how people will stand in line at one register when three others are open. Guess maybe I do that too sometimes.

Anyway, alive - if barely, and if I could just shake this sinus thing, life would be okay. Send some healing thoughts would you? I can't really afford to go to the doctor and I don't want to have to take antibiotics if I don't have to. Rather build a natural immunity or I'll be on the cursed things all the time with all the germs I'm exposed to every day. Besides, pretty sure the meds are expensive too. These things don't fit in my budget.

Anyway, love you all for sticking with me. I do have one cheery story to tell you later.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pray for me

I am so sick today. This cold is kicking my butt and I have to work tonight from 6:00 to 10:30. Hoping they send me home when they see how disgusting I look, but not holding my breath. Guess I'll just bring lots of kleenex and hope for the best.

Good news is I think I have the weekend off, though I haven't seen the schedule yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things I've learned at the Big Box store

Sorry, I've been remiss once again. This job is still beating me up a bit though I am getting stronger. Meant to do a long post yesterday but got wicked sick and spent most of the day in bed. Feeling marginally better today which is good, since I'm off to work again shortly. Glad to have an early shift so I can get it over with and come home and collapse.

I'm at the point now where I pretty much have most of the odd transactions down and have learned most of the quirks of the register. Figure it'll be about couple more weeks before it's so routine that I'll be bored senseless, but I do enjoy interacting with the public. I'm weird that way.

I also learned that the price of the diapers has risen astronomically since I had a baby. And all the other stuff like baby wipes too. The only thing still cheap are the baby clothes but they've been on sale since I got there. And they're just as cute as ever.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Neato Coolville

I forgot to mention that the Bonanza link in the post below came from this new site I found, Neato Coolville. Lots of nostalgia there for us old fogeys. Found this old commercial there too. I remember these dancing candies well.

Wonder if they even make that candy anymore. Don't think I've seen it anywhere.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love the internets

Been working the last couple of days. It's been okay. Actually enjoy interacting with the public. The human race has always fascinated me. Nothing of particular interest happening other than I had a lot of cranky customers yesterday. Weren't nasty to me but were hollering at each other. Otherwise, I find mostly people are nice to you, if you're nice to them.

But this is why I love the internet. Somebody posted a link to this vid. I have fond memories of watching Bonanza every week with the family. I had no idea that the theme song actually had lyrics. If you're a fan, you'll probably enjoy this youtube too.

Adam was always my favorite, though I did love Hoss as well. I still laugh every time I remember the Leprechaun episode. I should see if youtube has the clip.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lazy Chili

It finally cooled off enough to cook so I tried this recipe. This is real cooking for me folks. I had to chop up and saute a bunch of the stuff in here.

I modified it a bit. Doubled the recipe and used baby yellow squash instead of the corn. Added a bit more salsa and more spices to make it more caliente. Also used flour tortillas since I hate corn ones. But it came out great and it was really quick. Expect it will taste even better today, and for the next week or so that it takes to finish eating it.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Here comes the rain again

Thank the storm gods for this boomer. Think we're just getting glanced here in the little city. Big stuff seems be happening south, but it was enough to cool things off. Temps dropped five degrees in ten minutes and the air is better. It was just unbreathable this afternoon. Worse humidity this summer that I've seen since I've moved south. Weather report told me it was 86 degrees but felt like 96. Now it feels sort of like low 80s which I'm comfortable with.

Meanwhile, think my big box store training is finally over. Spent six straight hours doing the last computer tests last night. Not hard but mind numbingly boring. I was so brain dead by the end, I missed a turn on the way home and for a moment didn't know where the hell I was.

Didn't figure out until the end that you don't have to take the lessons, you just have to pass the tests. But it was okay, the lessons I paid attention to were the ones about the different stuff we're supposed to try to sell and I actually wanted to know about those. Once I get the routine operations down, I'll probably try to sell some, even though almost no one else does. What the hell, you get a commission for it. At this pay rate, every little bit helps.

Wondering if I'm going to get my own drawer tomorrow. It should be interesting if I do. Sort of trial by fire. It's tax free weekend and I'm told it's very busy. At least the time will go fast.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Still training

There are many things they show you in the training videos that doesn't happen in real life. So far I've trained with about five different cashiers and everyone does it differently and gives me conflicting advice. I've had a fair number of short term jobs in my life and this has got to be the most disorganized training I've ever endured.

But in the end the basics aren't that hard to figure out so it's all good. Some of the quirky transactions are so hopelessly convoluted, it's easy to see why the corporation is in trouble. Even after just a few shifts, I have about dozen suggestions to make the checking out experience more efficient, but I guess I'll just hold onto to them for now. And I have some serious concerns about their work rules and procedures, many of which seem to be a set up to sabotage the employees, but I'm holding onto them for now too. However, it does seem my first paycheck is somewhat short for the amount of time I've already put in. That I'm going to figure out tomorrow and bring up right away.

The personalities of the different people who work there have been an endless source of fascination. You have everything from the mild mannered church-going lady to the one who curses at the register to the young girl who whines about everything. Overall, it's a crummy job but I'm enjoying the human interaction anyway after two years of essentially almost no human contact outside of my family.

I'm less tired at the end of every shift too but I'm still far from in shape yet. Guess that should change next week. I'm officially on the computer schedule now and have 20 hours, including two shifts on two days in a row. Not going to be enough to pay all the bills at my pay rate, but at least it will stretch what money I do have a little further every month. So there's that. Meanwhile, I'm off to work again today but I don't think I'm on the floor. I'm told I still have to endure some computer testing or something.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So tired

Sorry, I've been MIA again. This little part time job has been kicking my butt. I'm not used to standing still for such long hours and it's been killing my back, which disturbs my sleep, which leaves me tired. But the good news is, I seem to getting to used to it. It's a little less taxing with every shift. I imagine I'll toughen up as time goes on but now thinking I was lucky only to find part time work until I build some strength.

I've also had to do some shopping to conform with the dress code. I have plenty of black pants but looking for cheap but presentable red shirts has been a challenge. With what they're paying me, I don't want to spend a fortune on clothes for this gig. Finally scored a couple at the local church thrift shop for only two bucks apiece.

One of them was a really nice silk shirt that will be perfect without the smock. I forgot that silk bleeds though, and I'm pretty loose about mixing colors and whites when I do my laundry, so I ended up with a whole lot more pink underwear and a couple of more pink tshirts that I had when I put the clothes in the washer. I should have bought those color catcher sheets I guess. Maybe it's not too late.

Anyway, I'm off to work this afternoon, but I'll try to post again tonight and give you the hilarious highlights of my training sessions so far.