Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still alive and getting well

Sorry I dropped off the grid here. It was a bit of a rugged week but the shoulder is healing and staying off the computer helps so I shortchanged this blog. But it's going well. I'm down to one pain pill at night so I can sleep through. But I'm such a wimp with pills, I've actually been sleeping late all week because one knocks me out once the pain eased up.

Anyway starting to feel more normal, and I've been able to do some housecleaning that badly lapsed when I couldn't move at all without screaming. I expect to start updating regularly here again. Also planning to go see the folks this afternoon for a bit. Haven't seen them since Labor Day when we had a fabulous dinner and a really fun card game afterwards.

Man are my card playing skills rusty and my family are card sharks. I used to be a pretty darn good player but I totally misplayed a few of the hands. Hate that, since we were playing teams. Obsessing about it afterwards, I realized I had failed to keep track of what was already played. But in my defense, the shoulder was starting to hurt at that point so I was distracted. Next time I'll do better.


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