Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fire Rainbow

I have another dentist's appointment today and once again I'm remiss in posting here so I thought I'd at least give you something new to look at. I found this when I was cleaning my inbox.

Catfish is always sending me amazing photos. I saved this from August of 06 which should tell you something about how often I manage to delete old mail. Back in the days when they limited your storage space I never had more than a couple of hundred. Now that there is no appreciable limit, between my two accounts, I have about 15,000. I would just delete the lot and start fresh, but there's always a few I want to save. Account ID info and such and old emails from dear friends.

I was noticing as I started from the oldest pages that I had long exchanges with people I don't remember anymore. The internet is like traveling. Sometimes you make a friend on the road and for a while you stay in touch, but sooner or later, for the most part, the connection fades and you don't talk anymore.


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