Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love my dentist

It was a really long day at the dentist. The ride alone is an hour and half and I spent a long time in the chair today. Oddly I didn't mind. I love my dentist and all his staff. But especially my dentist. To look at him you wouldn't think he was such a magician. He's very unassuming, laid back and has a little bit of Southern drawl. I have to admit when I first met him, I didn't expect him to be best dentist in the business, just the nicest.

It turns out he really is the best dentist I've ever known. He doesn't talk when he works. He doesn't hurt. You can't even tell when he's done. He's a master with the novacaine. It's already wearing off by the time you leave. And he's really, really nice. I haven't gripped the chair once since he started working on me. Of course, I do still have to take a tranq to get into the car and drive there, but that's just the residual dentaphonia. Once I get in the chair, I feel safe. I almost hate to leave the place when I'm done.


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