Monday, June 16, 2008

Cool trick

So imagine you're driving down a beautiful highway in Vermont and out of nowhere, a 1940 vintage biplane lands right in front of you as you're driving 70 miles an hour. True story. A 68 year old pilot and his 60 something year old passenger were forced to land when the engine failed. It was either that or try to glide to a runway and the pilot didn't think he could make it.

Miraculously no one was hurt and he managed to pull the plane over to the breakdown lane so only one lane of traffic was blocked until they could tow it out. Amazing. You can see video here but you have to sit through a commercial first. It worth it to get a look at the plane. It's a beauty.

Always wanted to get a ride in one of those. Actually I wouldn't have minded being on the highway when it landed. You would have to wonder if you hadn't crossed over into the Twilight Zone or something.

Meanwhile, I'm still feeling lousy. It's so bad I haven't been able to eat at all, but I dragged myself to the pharmacy today and got them to order my old pills and stopped taking these. He also flagged my account so they won't ever give me this lousy brand again. I expect I'll start feeling better in a couple of days, once this stuff works its way out of my system.


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