Monday, July 09, 2007

Little things

I love being able to walk barefoot in my McPartment. I never felt comfortable doing that in the old house. The floors always felt kind of sticky, even right after they were washed and of course there was the bug problem. Here I can even walk out on the deck without shoes. It never seems to get really dirty. I guess because it's on the upper floors.

I discovered that the new grocery I go to, which an actually a very old store in bad need of remodeling and the produce section always has this vague smell of rotting veggies, actually has a great bakery. It's the first place in town that I was able to find real fresh bread. You know the kind with a crust and some tooth to it. I scored a garlic loaf that was quite good and pretty much ate nothing but that all weekend, that is when I remembered to eat.

I often forget to stop for lunch when I get lost on the internet. You would think I would lose more weight that way but I guess the lack of exercise cancels it out.

I am trying to exercise more though. I've been trying to get into the pool and do my little routine at least every other day. I probably look pretty silly doing leg lifts and my little stationary dog paddle routine that I invented myself but it's a great workout and it doesn't take that long to finish. I can see the difference already. The old abs are tightening up and my butt is looking more shapely again.

I working today. In fact I'm working all week, so that's all for now but I'll be back as I can.


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