Sunday, July 01, 2007


Well, if anyone is still reading this blog and cares, I'm still alive and I'm going to start posting here regularly again. I have dozens of links I haven't got around to posting, but it's late today and I've been recovering from a long work week, so I'm just going to give you the funniest one. Chickie found this for us. I know it's really funny but sorry, it still made me laugh.

It seems some firefighters got a little stoned while fighting a blaze in a warehouse full of pot and freaked out. They had to be taken from the scene. No word on whether the firefighters who remained on site enjoyed the high.

Meanwhile, it was a beautiful day at the McCompound. Perfect weather. Sunny but not too hot. I didn't even turn the ceiling fan on, much less think about going to the pool but I sat in the sun for while this morning and watched the hawks glide around. I'm still loving the deck.

I realized another benefit of being on the upper floors is that not many bugs fly this high so I can sit out there pretty much unmolested at any time of day or night. I did have a very confused little flock of Japanese beetles visit the other day though. There was about six of them buzzing around, looking really panicked. One crashed into the railing and ended up on his back, waving his little legs in the air. But once he got upright, they regrouped and just flew away. It was odd.

But the big McPartment news is I have a toaster. I've been without one for these two and a half years. I kept meaning to buy one but never got around to it. I never much felt like buying anything for the old house. So I'm sitting here thinking I need to go out and get one, and a listing pops up in my email on the Freecycle listserv from somebody a few blocks away. A funky little two slicer with wide slots for bagels that works fine. I love when stuff like that happens.

Very cosmic and very nice to be able to have a toasted bagel on a lazy Sunday morning.


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