Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh baby

I've been meaning to post these photos for a week now. I actually left the house last week and went to John Edwards birthday party. Yeah, the guy who's running for president. Me and 600 of his closest friends paid fifteen bucks for the privilege.
I blogged about it, along with political commentary and more photos, here, here and here but I saved the baby shots for you, my dear remaining readers, because I know you would appreciate them the most.

I loved this little family. The picture doesn't really do them justice. The big sister was just gorgeous as well but I missed the shot where she was also looking at me through the tree.

This little tyke was clearly looking for the exit. But he was well behaved during the speech. I was amazed really that there was little kid noise. There were a lot of babies at this gig and the place was silent when Edwards spoke.

I don't know what mom was looking for here but I couldn't resist getting a shot of this little sweetie anyway. What a cutie.


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